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Beau Moffatt

Owner // Photographer
Project Manager, Resident Nerd

A wedding photographer passionate about preservation.

My passion as a wedding photographer is capturing moments naturally as they happen. By first entering the world of photography through shooting landscapes as a backpacker in North Carolina and Utah, I learned the foresight needed to be in the right position for a shot and the patience to wait for that perfect moment. These experiences now translate into the photojournalistic approach I take today as a wedding photographer. Anticipating the moment when a groom first sees his bride on the wedding day or when a father tears up as he prepares to walk his little girl down the aisle–these are the moments I want to preserve for our couples.

Photography isn’t my only love–aside from Daisy, of course! I wear the badge of ‘resident nerd’ at Daisy Moffatt Photography with honor. I love working on the jobs that make a small business tick–be it project management, IT support, workflow analysis, or research. I love God and am passionate about exploring and preserving His creation! I love sports, podcasts and sports podcasts. In my free time I enjoy woodworking, running, grilling or renovating our sweet little 1923 home. I am definitely an extrovert–I love getting to know people! Ultimately I view photography as an opportunity to serve others–it truly allows me to create lasting beauty in this world. So that’s me…now tell us about you!